How can SEO grow your business?

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Nowadays, an increasing number of small business with an eye on growth are taking SEO (search engine optimisation) seriously. To grow, you need exposure and, in a world where more commercial transactions take place online, the place to gain exposure is on the internet. Other businesses are doing it, and if yours isn’t, it is bound to lag behind.

Here are several ways that a good SEO strategy can help build your business.

Build brand awareness

A good SEO strategy increases the visibility of your business and makes it easier for search engines to include you in their rankings. Indeed, 57% of B2B marketers say that SEO generates more leads than any other marketing initiative.

By investing in SEO, you gain higher rankings in search engines. The higher up your name appears in search results, the greater your chances of a prospect finding you. This is especially important for a small business looking to grow. If your competitors are higher in the rankings than you, it is your growth that suffers.

Attract more customers at less cost

Your business is catering to a particular target market, so your website must include relevant content that addresses the needs of your audience. Search engines recognise quality content and rank your website accordingly. As a result, your site will receive targeted traffic at no extra cost.

This makes SEO more cost-effective than many other marketing methods. Furthermore, since SEO targets only to those people with a genuine interest in your products or services, it is one of the most highly efficient.

People trust organic search results

When you type in a search query in Google, Bing, or some other search engine, how interested are you in the results right at the top of the page? Chances are, you find some of them interesting or intriguing, and that’s as it should be. Afterall, people have paid to get their brands into those positions. They are likely to be somewhat relevant to your search, but it’s quite possible that the ones lower down the page, more accurately match your query. These are the organic search results, and the search engine found them because those websites are full of keywords and phrases that match the words in your query.

Many people are almost blind to the advertisements in search engines and go straight to organic results. So, if your brand is on the first page of results, people are going to assume that they can trust you. And people who trust you will click through to your website.

SEO makes your website more user-friendly

Search engines are constantly evolving and whilst you still need to provide your audience with relevant, original content, you must also deliver a good user experience. If your website is properly organised, clean, and uncluttered visitors are more likely to hang around visiting more pages which reduces your bounce rate. And in just the same way that you might tell your friends about a great experience you had in a particular shop, people will also talk about what an informative and intuitive website you offer, thereby encouraging more visitors.

Faster load times mean better conversion rates

Whether a person is at their PC, tablet, or smartphone, when they click on your link, they expect your website to open up in a few seconds. If it doesn’t, they’ll quickly get bored and go somewhere else. A search engine optimised website will load faster, and display correctly regardless of the device used to view. The quicker, they can get on to your site, the better their experience and the greater the chance that they will make a purchase, subscribe, request further info, or whatever.

Outrank the competition

In business, once your customer is “through the door” there are all kinds of things you can do to outperform your competitors. Maybe you can offer cut-price deals, extended guarantees, a 24-hour helpline and so on. But those are only any good when a prospect knows about you, and in a world where 81% of purchases now begin with some online research, you need to rise above the competition. SEO gives you the means to demonstrate to your audience that your business is far and away the best one to deliver the goods or services that your customers need.

At one time considered an optional addition to the marketing mix, SEO is now a vital component of effective digital marketing. Whatever industry you’re in, SEO will help you take your business to the next level.

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