5 Ways Case Studies Can Help Your Business

Case studies are an incredibly effective marketing tool. Unlike a brochure that tells prospects what you could do for them, a case study focuses on jobs you have already done. That means that prospects can read about your success stories. You can include testimonials from satisfied customers and, depending on the industry you are in, a case study also gives you the opportunity to publish photographs of finished jobs.

In essence, a case study lets you demonstrate how good you are at responding to a client’s brief, that you can do the things you claim, and that people are happy with your work.

So, when you offer prospects a case study, you offer them proof that you can do what you say.

The format of a case study

Case studies come in a range of formats but in general, they have three sections: the problem, the possible solutions, and the outcome.

From the prospective client’s point of view, this demonstrates that you understand the kind of problems they are facing, that you have dealt with such problems before, and how you did it. That way, you encourage prospects to get in touch, enabling you to close a sale.

So why are case studies so good at increasing conversions and driving sales?

1. Case studies focus on specifics

Rather than a product or service description that discusses the myriad ways that you can help your customers, case studies tell real-world stories about your dealings with your customers. And such stories are bound to resonate with your target market.

2. Case studies offer solutions

Anyone who has ever done research on writing product or service descriptions will know that you should write about benefits first, and features second. Prospects want to know how your product or service can benefit them. A case study, on the other hand, is all about the problem and the solution. So, whilst a customer might first of all read about your product and what it’s for, a case study will demonstrate that the product has solved the problem it claims to solve.

3. Case studies show that you are an authority in your field

It’s all very well for a business to claim that it can solve certain problems, but anyone can make promises. A comprehensive list of case studies, on the other hand, demonstrates that you can deliver on your promises.

4. Case studies offer social proof

It is common for prospects to read online reviews before committing to a purchase. By publishing case studies on your website and social media, you can raise your profile and offer prospects the reassurance they need to approach you.

5. Case studies provide social media material

Case studies are an efficient way of producing additional content for your social media platforms. They can become blog posts and newsletters, you might use extracts as tweets, and you can even be transform them into podcasts and promotional videos.

Case studies by Bruce Barbour

Writing a case study takes time. And although many businesses understand the benefits, it’s one of those tasks that is rarely prioritised.

We can create a professionally written case study that showcases the best of you and your business. All we need is details of a project that you’re especially proud of, and your client. We will conduct interviews, arrange photographs if necessary, and deliver a case study that you will be delighted to share.

If you would like an Ipswich copywriter to write your next case study, get in touch and let’s get to work.