Attract Leads with the Right Words

Outside the mysterious world of marketing, the term “copywriting” often needs explaining. Whilst some use it interchangeably with “content writing”, “text writing”, or even just “writing”, copywriting is a particular discipline. It is a form of writing that doesn’t just engage but also encourages the reader to think in a certain way. Moreover, it persuades your audience to carry out an action such as buying an item or requesting more information. It can be subtle as in “Because you’re worth it”, or more direct “Just do it!

Copywriting for all media

Whether you are producing a digital or print advertisement, designing an email shot or a post for social media, you are in the process of building your business. Your aim is to attract more customers, and increase sales. A copywriter is the professional you need on board to create an elegant and convincing message and make those conversions.

We can write copy that will make your web pages more absorbing, your product and service descriptions more appealing, and ultimately get your order book bulging.

Copywriting for little acorns

Even if you are just starting out in business, hiring the services of a copywriter can pay dividends. While you focus on your core business, your copywriter can work on promoting you, and help you grow.