Product Descriptions

Words that Bring Your Products to Life

Product descriptions are a vital component in influencing a customer’s buying decision. This is especially important if you are selling your products through a website. You need to list them in such a way that encourages people to put them in their baskets.

Product descriptions and service descriptions

As copywriters, we look for the benefits of the given product. How much better is a customer’s life going to be? How much money will they save over the long term?

The same applies when selling professional services. We get to the bottom of the service you provide, and describe to your audience how you are the best company to solve their problem.

Search engine optimisation

Whilst an accurate description of your product or service is necessary to entice prospects and clarify what you are offering, it is also an important part of your SEO efforts. SEO-friendly title tags and meta descriptions are pivotal for gaining visibility in search engine rankings, and our copywriting skills will help you.

Optimising your metadata should be an ongoing process, so review your product descriptions as a matter of routine, or ask us to look after it for you. 


Photo by Austin Chan on Unsplash