Public Relations

If You Have a Story, Let Us Tell It For You

When your business does something newsworthy, public relations is a sure way of getting into the public eye. Are you doing something for charity? Have you received an award nomination? Are you working on a project that will benefit your community? Get it into the press.

Based in Ipswich, Suffolk, we offer independent public relations services at competitive rates. We identify the stories that your business is generating.  We get the details, carry out interviews, take pictures and write the story. Finally, we get the story out to your public through newspapers, magazines, radio, television, events, and social media.  

Unlike advertising, which you usually have to pay for, press coverage is earned. If a publication finds your story sufficiently interesting, they will publish it at no cost to you.

Why outsource public relations?

There’s more to PR than creating press releases and generally maintaining good working relationships with the media. PR is also about responding to information requests, maintaining a company’s corporate identity, drafting speeches, and submitting entries for awards. We also create media relations content, executive bios, white papers, case studies, social media profiles, corporate newsletters, and interview proposals. In short, we help clarify your company’s point of view and communicate it effectively to potential customers through the media.

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Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash